Nina is the author or co-author of four books, most recently The Idealist: Jeffrey Sachs and the Quest to End Poverty. She is also the editor of How It Happened: Documenting the Tragedy of Hungarian Jewry.

I’ve told everyone at our foundation that it is worth taking the time to read The Idealist. It’s a valuable – and, at times, heartbreaking – cautionary tale.

Bill Gates

The Idealist

Jeffrey Sachs and the Quest to End Poverty

The Idealist is the profound and moving story of what happens when the abstract theories of a brilliant, driven man meet the reality of human life.

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A testament to the enduring value of old-fashioned, shoe-leather reporting. It should be read not just in policy circles but also at J-schools.

Exemplary writing with lively lucid reporting.

Fools Rush In

Steve Case, Jerry Levin, and the Unmaking of
AOL & Time Warner

The definitive account of one of the greatest fiascos in the history of corporate America, Fools Rush In reveals the overweening ambition and moral posturing that brought down AOL’s $163 billion purchase of Time Warner.

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A tour de force.

A riveting, personal account of the days leading up to the Holocaust in Hungary.

Anna Porter, author of Kasztner’s Train

How It Happened

Documenting the Tragedy of Hungarian Jewry

Written by a priviledged eyewitness, the secretary of the Hungarian Judenrat, How It Happened is a unique testament to the senseless brutality that decimated Europe’s last surving Jewish community.

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A fascinating and highly significant account of the fate of Hungary’s Jews. Crucial reading for scholars of the Holocaust.

The Art of Clairtone is about the last great masculine moment in popular culture, when Las Vegas was still swinging, martinis were still stiff, Madison Ave. ruled the brainwaves, and Sean Connery’s 007 dressed in single-breasted Savile Row suits.

The Art of Clairtone

The Making of a Design Icon, 1958-1971

An in-depth look at the skyrocketing success and sensational collapse of Clairtone Sound Corporation, an iconoclastic company that for a decade, in the 1960s, captured the spirit of the times.

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While the company was
short-lived, its influence was permanent.

Schools for Scandal brings together the magazine’s finest reporting on the scandals that have swept our nation’s most elite campuses over the past 25 years.

An eye-opening collection of essays on the global economic crisis by 15 of the most respected contemporary business writers in America.

The companion book to the beloved website, “a permanent fixture within the city’s zealous dog culture”
(The New York Times).