Fools Rush In

Steve Case, Jerry Levin, and the Unmaking of AOL Time Warner

The definitive account of one of the greatest fiascos in the history of corporate American: Internet upstart AOL’s $163 billion purchase of Time Warner, the world’s most powerful media company. Fools Rush In is “a fascinating close-up of an imperial chief executive of the breed that dominated large US corporations in the 1990s: wielding absolute power, unchallenged by a docile board and cheered on by gullible shareholders and the media,” says The Financial Times.

With painstaking reporting and a narrative fraught with drama, Nina lays out the anatomy of the debacle, from the single-minded quest for power that drove Steve Case and Jerry Levin to seal the “Deal of the Century,” to the backstabbing, personal betrayals, and Byzantine politics that destroyed two once-great companies and discredited just about everyone involved with them.

“This quick, absorbing read reveals that at one time the stars aligned and every crackpot non-businessman, self-promotional hype artist alive came together to form this merger,” says Mad Money’s Jim Cramer.

The Fools Rush In e-book is for sale from Amazon and Apple Books, among other retailers. New and used copies of the book are available from AbeBooks. You can read an excerpt in Vanity Fair. There’s a Q&A about the book that HarperCollins hosted with Nina. Also, here’s what the Chinese edition looks like.